Sunday, September 28, 2008

What is the Great Danger in America?

What has to be regarded as the most disturbing trend and development in America -- is this intolerance for any other viewpoint but their own -- mostly coming from the totalitarian left. People on the right have their point of view and are proud of it -- but usually don't (en)force it on everybody else -- as the "politically correct" and self-righteous on the left (liberalism) thinks is their duty in life.

At first mainstream media encouraged it, led this movement, but as history has attested time and again, once the mobs are unleashed, they even attack their own, until none are safe, or spared.

I think it is great that you're still allowed your own opinions and thoughts without these constant threats and coercions -- to praise only the politically correct (liberal) people while vilifying all those with incorrect attitudes and thoughts, which are now not just limited to the "conservatives and right," but anything other than the pronouncements on high from the Daily Kos and Democratic Underground -- which are now their bibles.

Even on the reader blogs, they attempt to maintain their control over what can and can't be said -- with their ability to fabricate countless aliases to give the impression that they are "legion" rather than still the exceptions like the dysfunctionals and psychopathic that prey on all society to the extent that we think they are "everyone," and "everywhere." They just have nothing else to do -- and with today's technologies, can seem to be ubiquitous.

Fortunately, such people would be truly dangerous if they could write and speak -- instead of just shouting down those who can.

Their other famous and familiar tactic, is to demand that one cannot speak of anything they have not previously approved of, which of course, limits one to a smaller and smaller universe of possibilities all the time. If they can, they will even conduct such "inquisitions" as though they had the full bureaucratic authority to do so -- just as they ruled their fifth grade classrooms with such terror and authority, or demanded faithfulness and obedience from their wife and children under penalty of death and dismemberment, who grew up in fear of being wrong so much, they dared not question anything.

That is the new terrorism of these times -- always from within -- always quite proud of its self-righteousness and political correctness -- even if they have to wipe out the entire human population to enforce it, for God and His new messiah.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

What In the World is Happening?

What the old media calls the "new media" is just the old media -- done with different (new) tools, and not a whole new way of seeing -- beyond their control and primacy of the status quo.

That is expressed in the very question of "How do we preserve journalism as a viable economic activity for a few?" -- instead of the much larger consideration, of making information accessible to everyone equally -- and not just through the tollways of the journalists (journalism), and the "information specialists" and public relations media manipulators.

That very manner of thinking, is the old media and old mentality -- that is subsumed and supplanted by much greater universal imperatives -- which is the quest for truth, and not simply replicating misinformation and disinformation so that people think they must be the truth. In fact, that possibility is seldom mentioned in the mass media, because they regard it as the enemy -- as ignorance used to be. But now the truth is the enemy, and the public relations specialists (propagandists) task, is to overcome that skepticism with outrageous claims and assertions that the journalists can't help repeating, and are even convinced, they thought of it themselves.

Similarly, in the medical professional, they ask "How can we make more money so we can continue to live the lifestyles we have been accustomed to at the top of the socio-economic pyramid?" Or teachers for that matter -- "How can we be above everyone else so we can continue the teaching profession?" "How can we manufacture ignorance?"

New culture is this leveling of many playing fields without primacy on maintaining the status quo.

In the new level playing fields, it doesn't mean that everybody then will be equal in talent and ability -- but real talent and ability emerges beyond the old status quo established in a more primitive time.

That's the real challenge of change, and not simply, "What can we do to preserve everything as they used to be?" -- as Change.

Friday, September 19, 2008

The Obvious Solution

There are two basic responses to human problems and difficulties:

The first is the basic, healthy response to solve, reduce or eliminate that problem, and eventually, even the memory that it ever was a problem.

The second is the unhealthy response of exploiting a problem for one’s own job security and profit -- and desiring the situation to continue and even grow more into a irresolvable crisis so that one can receive even more money from the impending catastrophes. Such people may talk of the need for change, but everything they do, seems to make matters worse, and cost more.

Teaching (and exercise) are no exceptions, and in fact, may be the most familiar examples in our daily lives -- when these practitioners think that the object of their jobs is to make things more difficult and endlessly so, for those who are hopelessly victimized and addicted to that which doesn’t work, but think that if they continue to do what they have been doing, one of these days, there will be a different result -- because their underlying world view, is that everything is random and unconnected to anything else.

All one needs is many opinions and testaments that what is false is true, and of course, in this day and age, one can even create multiple personalities (institutes) and aliases to bolster one’s viewpoint to seem like an army of consensus. But multiple personalities and the resulting schizophrenia and manic/depression were well-known even before the age of Internet anonymity exacerbated these tendencies for (self-) deception and manipulation.

Most people now are aware of that predisposition and likelihood for a small segment of society to behave in those well-worn antisocial and predatory ways -- which at least keeps many such individuals off the streets and having contact with others in real life -- where their delusions of grandeur can expand without the impediments and considerations of reality.

But for the former who are serious with meeting life and solving actual problems, the solution lies not in creating ever larger problems and crises, but to eliminate the possibilities and likelihood of there ever occurring in the first place.

One is no competent person, for solving all the problems they have created for themselves. They must see the world, without first creating the problem. Unfortunately, that is not how most people were conditioned (to function) in the last century and before -- and why many are so resistive to move into the really new world of simply healthy people living their lives in peace without creating the endless arguments, conflicts and struggles that torment such existences.

Monday, September 08, 2008

Obama's Paradise

Hawaii has become so partisan that there is no hope for any truth, justice, fairness anymore.

When the big hurricane hits, it’ll be just another Haiti, or maybe southside of Chicago, Obama’s paradise, which as you may know, is the worst place in the United States — with lots of rail, no less.

I don’t know why that vision of America is being proffered as Heaven on Earth by the prophet Obama and the liberal Democrats over that of the Western frontier and lifestyle of greater freedom from government.

Delaware is not high on most lists of desirable places also, and Biden is right behind as the most partisan member of Congress, while McCain is notably the least partisan.

The choice is no longer being Republican or Democrat — but fanatically partisan or nonpartisan.

The solution for partisanship (sectarianism) is not bipartisanship (more partisanship), but nonpartisanship — which is seeing society as the whole that it is, rather than one partial view trying to impose itself on the whole, and every other.

It’s a sickness and the kind of thinking and mentality that is the violence in the world.

Friday, September 05, 2008

Beyond Ideology (Partisanship)

Characteristic of those who have never done anything in their lives, are all the great things they would do if they had the power, opportunity and office to do so -- but not before.

The problem is not whether a person is conservative or liberal, left or right, black or white, male or female -- as it is whether they are hopelessly partisan (ideological) , which causes them not to see the obvious solutions because of their preconceived ideas of what those answers must be -- even if they don't in fact work, and are even proven failures. Among them famously, is the notion that reality must always be divided into two parts (at least), which in a certain political ideology, means dividing society into opposing classes -- an oppressing class, and an oppressed class -- and so it is all right to turn the tables against the oppressing class for all the imaginable and unimaginable horrors they have suffered -- or if they haven't personally, know somebody personally who did, or maybe read about it in a novel somewhere, sometime in their muddled memories, in which fiction blurs into reality all too easily but deliberately now.

And so as we ponder the choices to make in an election season, most people should consider this fact above all else -- whether their choices are likely to be increase partisan,ship (factionalism) or lessen it -- which implies fairness, and not merely, who gets to oppress the other.

As George Orwell was the most distinguished journalist to report, it's not an improvement when the pigs run the farm -- but just the same divisions that are the problems of every society, once they get on top.

So I think it is valid to review what people have actually done in their lives -- and do -- and not just all the glorious things they will do while attacking all who will not accede to their political correctness -- and think whatever ruthless, deceptive and manipulative means they use, are justified by the noble and glorious purposes they will serve when they are at the top.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

What Smart People Do

Smart people look for other signs of intelligent life -- greater than their own.

Not so smart people, consume all their time pronouncing themselves the smartest person in the land -- and therefore do nothing productive but to undermine the intelligence of everybody else, and in doing so, do not allow the collective intelligence of their community to "take off," such as their efforts go only to ensuring that they are kings of the hill, which may have been a model of society in a very primitive age and a few oppressive societies today.

In the 21st century world, people began to realize that the collective intelligence was a much greater wealth than any one individual could hope to possess -- except the old world paradigm of each competing against every other for exclusive primacy still lingered from the education many received in the early 20th century (and learned nothing beyond since) and a few institutions of higher learning still pass on as the academic tradition, heritage and paradigm of merely establishing a rigid pecking order and then ensuring that order (political correctness) is enforced -- ironically most ruthlessly by those nearest the bottom.

And so one sees these very oppressive societies and wonder why it is that the people most oppressed, seem to love their oppression the most -- without realizing that they've known nothing else, and don't realize what choices and freedom really mean -- except to agree with such tyrants and bullies or not.

Those are my first impressions watching the "panic" of the old world order (minds), on seeing the real possibility of a transformation to the new way of being -- in which self-appointed gods are not necessary to save them from their own choices.