Friday, May 26, 2006

My Unique Blog-Style

My unique blog-style is that I post a new entry (original idea) about once a week and add comments subsequently in further development on that theme -- rather than just jumping from one finished, unchanging idea to the next -- searching for somebody who hasn‘t heard it before. This reflects the dynamism of an idea in the process of development, rather than as we have been accustomed to seeing them -- as a completed idea for which the purpose of the publication is to convince others of the superiority of that idea -- typical of most commentary one sees in conventional publications.

That was the limitation of the medium of the printed word -- not allowing for the possibility of a continuing, evolving dialogue, both within and with others. That is the source of much of the arguments in society -- that discussions originate from these fixed positions and all one can hope to do is to convince the other to one’s point of view, often destroying the other in the process. That is a tremendous waste of human resources and capacity.

The interactive medium of blogs allow for the evolution of an idea into a better one -- taking in and processing new information in whatever manner and form it comes. It may be from my own further readings and other experiences just in the course of normal living -- but always integrating it to the wisdom of the whole, and not simply as isolated fragments that are accumulated without context, meaning and significance.

This is how the new media is not just the old media made available to the masses -- but allows for the possibilities of information and communications not possible before because this technology and capabilities were not available before. Undoubtedly, many will continue using “old media” as a model for their publications -- without realizing the greater possibilities old media doesn’t want you to know about. If they did, it would speed their obsolescence -- if they are insistent on maintaining the old ways rather than they themselves realizing their own greater capabilities and evolution.

Many will undoubtedly simply retrench to the old status quo hoping against hope that they will come back into fashion again -- just as buggy whips undoubtedly will also. But a few will recognize their own opportunity to differentiate and excel; these winners may come from nowhere -- to lead the new standards of their industry, leapfrogging the traditional leaders of the past, who are less nimble to adapt.

These are the inflection points of history in which the first become the last, and the last move to the head of the class. When those moments will occur is not known before -- or after, but are recognized by the right person, at the right place, at the right time.

That is why the quality of having an unfettered mind frees one to see the opportunities -- while those “too busy,” may not know that these opportunities come and pass them by. Then, ironically, they get even more busy, thinking that is their lack.


At May 26, 2006 3:15 PM, Blogger TikiPundit said...

I like the concept of continuing to revisit and dialogue topics. That's certainly rare in blog posting (a few people make "updates" and so on).

My question is: how long is the memory of average blog readers? Will they think to re-visit topics, or will they, as an older Japanese proverb goes, "stagger toward whatever comes before a drunk's swimming eyes?"

Keep up the writing. I've got your RSS feed bookmarked so get your new posts instantly in my browser. Hmmm, that leads to question: does an updated blog entry reflect in a new RSS feed flowing out to readers?

At May 27, 2006 7:10 AM, Blogger Mike Hu said...

The world of memory no longer exists; what matters is to discover reality (the world) freshly -- all the time.


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