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District 21-23 Newsletter (Kapahulu-Kakaako)

Bob Kessler, District 23 Chair (Waikiki-Kakaako), would like to restart our joint (District 21- Waikiki-Kapahulu) monthly meetings on the 4th Wednesdays of each month, beginning with January 24, 2007, at 6 pm, 725 Kapiolani Blvd at Cooke Street.

It is a very personable and informal meeting at which to get a lot of big-picture insight on what is happening politically and in the Hawaii Republican Party particularly -- rather than attending one of these seemingly endless forums topics of interest often generate.

Then next month, we'll be having the caucus meeting at McCoy Pavilion, as sort of a magnet event for most of the city districts -- because these things are always a lot more fun when more people show up, although in any event and circumstances, we do the best we can with what we have. That's the hallmark of the alternative party in Hawaii -- which appreciates not having the luxury of wasting resources.

While it would be nice if we could replicate the Linda Lingle Campaign Committee fifty times, the fact is we don't have that sheer mass of numbers -- but we do have the best talent of the whole pool that if shared, creates a greater effectiveness. Republicans don't have that redundancy of everybody being the same; everybody is different -- and that poses a greater challenge in mobilizing and organizing, rather than the cookie cutter campaign committees that the Democrats excel at with their union and other powerful and well-organized narrow self-interest groups.

Obviously we're not going to be able to beat them at their own game -- for that would be a certain defeat of everything we stand for. So we have to design creative ways of combating that very mentality -- of winning at any cost, which is the problem of government and society in Hawaii. We even see a few people in the Democratic Party waking up to that -- and we should be encouraging those efforts to rid their party of the self-serving interest which are the corruption and problems of Hawaii.

Otherwise, it's Paradise -- but self-serving interest can make it a nightmare for everyone. Fortunately, we have a few unwavering voices of rationality and integrity in government -- while not the majority, have always been those rare voices of real leadership that eventually turn things around. So not to despair -- but to keep on meeting and talking with like-minded people who are not in denial over the obvious.

The good has always been the few -- but those are the ones who managed to change history, rather than the many who just went along with the injustices hoping to convince everybody that "everybody else is doing it -- so why not they?"

Mike Hu
3123 Esther Street
Honolulu, HI 96815
Districts 19-30 (Kaimuki-Kalihi): Tuesday, Feb. 20
McCoy Pavilion, Ala Moana Beach Park
Contact: Bobby Gocong
Anne Stevens 222-2964

Friends – At this year’s State Convention we elect party officers. In preparation, you host a caucus for your respective district. To respond to a question typically asked at your caucus, please inform your district members that I am running for Party Chair.

I know many of you and have informed you of my willingness and desire to be our next chair. I am humbled by your positive response. I look forward to meeting those of you who I have not met. I will attend as many caucus meetings and county conventions as possible. My contact info is below to answer questions.

I encourage you to increase the number of attendees to your caucus and to assist delegates to attend the State Convention. Join us at the Maui Convention ready to have fun and to work. Please select your best grassroots operators for district and county leadership positions and begin the process to win your respective seat in 2008. Please ask your most committed leaders to step forward as officers on the state and county executive committees.

I appreciate your passing this information to your delegates. I seek your support and I look forward to personally asking you to support my candidacy. I ask now that you inform your caucus that I am running for Party Chair.

Thanks, Willes
Willes Lee

Serve Dinner at the Next Step Kaka'ako Homeless Shelter

Summary: We have been providing dinner each month to the shelter so please join us for this great cause. Please call us to volunteer!
When: Wednesday, January 31, 2007 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm
Where: off Forest Avenue in Kaka'ako
Honolulu, HI
Who: Eliza Talbot

The Lincoln Day Dinner and Silent Auction

You are cordially invited to join us at the 2007 Lincoln Day Dinner
at the Hilton Hawaiian Village - Coral Ballroom

Thursday, February 15, 2007
6:00 pm - 10:00 pm

A Benefit for the Hawaii Republican Party.
Silent Auction, Cocktails, and Dinner
Aloha Attire
For Reservations or to donate an item to the Silent Auction call 593-8180.

When: Thursday, February 15, 2007 5:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Where: The Hilton Hawaiian Village
Who: Joanne Bretschneider

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Subject: HD21/23 Meeting 1/24

Aloha all - And Happy New Year. Our next joint HD21 and 23 meeting will be held Wednesday, January 24, at GOP HQ, 725 Kapiolani. Meeting starts at 6PM. The agenda will include summarizing the election results and upcoming events, including Lincoln Day, district caucuses and the convention in May.

Hope to see you all there.

Bob Kessler
Chair, HD 23
Ph 922-6188


At January 23, 2007 9:00 AM, Blogger Mike Hu said...

I don’t know if anybody else has noticed it but the mainstream media seems to have entered self-destruct mode -- with no turning back, or hope of recovery -- because now that it is recognized how much they manipulate, distort and suppress the actuality of what is happening in favor of their fake versions, the more they think they have to deliver even more of it, rather than rethinking and realizing they needed to be headed in another direction -- back to authenticity.

So their doom is fairly certain and they don’t seem to be able to help themselves. It’s kind of a house of cards because as one falls, it brings down every other because they are so repetitive and redundant that they don’t have any diversity to respond to the new challenges. They’ll all do what the New York Times does -- which is to demand that only they know what is going on and should do the thinking for everybody else in the country, because that is what God chose them to do as “professional” journalists and commentators -- and the rest of us better be intimidated or ashamed if all their manipulations and deceptions don’t work.

Their big push right now is running innumerable polls to undermine the President of the United States before he gives his State of the Union speech. I guess it is the coup of the liberals demanding their rightful place at the top of the social/political hierarchy. It can be any group of people who think society ought to be run for their exclusive benefit -- it could be the teachers, lawyers, politicians, celebrities, etc. The funny thing is that “they” think they are doing it for “our” benefit -- rather than their own. They will remind us of all the sacrifices they make for our sake -- and that is why we need to give them everything,, and especially undying obedience and loyalty.

At January 24, 2007 11:39 AM, Blogger Mike Hu said...

In a career of virtually unblemished success, the earliest indication of a knack for doing the "right thing," was Linda Lingle's leaving union employment and journalism, for politics.

When people take these risks, as she recommends to everyone else, life can turn out very differently -- rather than accumulating years of resentment, bitterness, and the perpetual sense of being undervalued -- that causes people not to care, and even advocating that discriminations of all kinds should be banned and made criminal.

At January 24, 2007 12:12 PM, Blogger Mike Hu said...

They're already comparing apples to pineapples.


"The administration took issue with both Senate President Colleen Hanabusa and Sen. Roz Baker, Ways and Means chairwoman, who criticized Lingle's approach to dealing with the public employee unions.

The pair, in separate interviews after Lingle's speech on Monday, said the public unions should look for increases similar to 9 and 11 percent raises given to the University of Hawaii Professional Assembly.

This is comparing apples and oranges. The three public employee unions still negotiating with the state, have a combined membership of 43,041 compared to the UHPA's 3,630, Lingle's release said.

It is obvious that the state cannot afford annual pay raises for 43,041 members in the amounts suggested by Senate President Hanabusa, said Lingle's release.

Baker (D, Honokohau-Makena) questioned if Lingle is going to be providing leadership to make sure that our public employees are appropriately compensated.

Lingle shot back last night saying the state has had constructive negotiations."

Whatever happened to requiring those who want more pay to do a better job?


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