Monday, January 08, 2007

Life Beyond “The News”

If one reads the daily newspaper, one gets the impression that all people talk about is government, politics and sports -- rather than the 95% of what is real life now. The major reason for such a prominence in their coverage is that the government agencies send out constant press releases, so the reporters and editors don’t have to do much else but reprint them -- and since they are heavily-unionized, the ideal is to do nothing and get paid as much as possible for it.

Originality and creativity, will just make everybody else look bad -- so has to be suppressed as soon as it is detected. The hierarchy of the status quo, must be reaffirmed -- even if it leads to plagiarism in merely modifying what the original author said.

That is the bureaucracy of government and most large, well-established organizations that wish to entrench themselves as a permanent fixture of society. But other than government, they don’t last permanently -- and sometimes, even governments fall.

Such a revolution is already under way. It is the unrecorded revolution -- of people just running their own lives, by their own rules, by their own values -- and nothing can stop them. They can’t all be forced to wear a certain uniform and subscribe to the same information and communications technologies, the advertisers would like them to.

There will always be the few looking beyond -- to find the original and authentic, and not just “the news” that everyone mindlessly repeats -- and by repeating it, makes it seem true because of that consensus. Ideally, they’d be many gatekeepers checking along the way for validation -- rather than simply taking authority at face value, as was the problem of dysfunctional societies in which everybody merely followed orders and thought they were exonerated because they simply did what they were told.

The modern news industry works on that model -- that people accept what they are told because somebody has the seemingly proper credentials -- even if nothing else seems to add up or ring true with one’s personal experiences. It is enough that the head authority figure says that it is so -- and that takes precedence over one’s actual experiences and common sense.

That was the prevailing trend towards the end of the last century -- which has pretty much run its course at the beginning of this century and the start of an entirely new experience of life, along much more individual and personalized experiences as one’s actual reality (truth).

This is a very important shift -- in the understanding of reality. For many years in the 20th century, there was an increasing reliance on the generalized knowledge as the real -- even to the discredit of one’s actual experiences as the merely anecdotal -- or not credible. Thus people came to pride themselves on this book knowledge in preference to actual experience and empirical learning. One was actually warned not to attempt to learn anything on their own -- which is a real travesty and misunderstanding of the purpose of learning, education and knowledge.


At January 09, 2007 10:57 AM, Blogger Mike Hu said...

There are inflection points in history in which the” alternative” reality supplants the traditional and conventional -- which are the great leaps of progress in societies and cultures. They need to make these “leaps” in order to break from the inertia of the past -- that insists that we keep on repeating it until we all die.

That happens when Columbus discovers America -- or Copernicus notes that planets all seem to travel by the same rules, rather than being ruled by individual gods, each with their own sphere of influence and ceremony.

One of the great leaps of faith is the religion of Christianity by which everything is “transformed” -- whereby losing becomes winning, and especially so with one’s life. It also becomes the liturgy of the miraculous (change) -- by which what was not before, now comes into being. This is not inconsequential -- because there are many who are raised in the despair that nothing can ever change, and particularly, nothing can ever change through the will of an individual and their own actions.

This is a tremendously empowering moment in the evolution of human consciousness -- that was frequently subverted and repressed through the Dark Ages. But always, there was the Light frequently alluded to. This is the basis of Western civilization that is unfortunately lost to the advocates of “liberal” science who claim we should not discriminate such things -- and that whatever happened in history, was randomly determined.

In their world, cause and effect was overturned, and ruled “invalid.” It was enough just to wish it so to make it “happen.” This gives rise to the experience of cognitive dissonance -- which is that the perception does not match the reality, and is frequently deliberately the opposite -- as George Orwell noted in his literary insights, Animal Farm and 1984, which not surprisingly, have never been wholeheartedly embraced by the status quo culture.

The great leaps of consciousness experienced this similar response -- of being overlooked and derided while obscure, inferior works are touted as the highest achievements of human intellect because they require a small group of self-appointed knowledgeable to interpret for the rest of mankind. Great work for the self-designated priesthood of any stripe -- to be regarded above all others permanently -- is a mentality that dies out in the new era of greater real equality.

That is what we really should observe and celebrate on Martin Luther King Day -- the first great revolution of Martin Luther as well in challenging the entrenched status quo of the monolithic Catholic Church of its time -- that brooked no dissent. It’s really the same intolerance -- rather than just a secular jurisdiction. All holidays should be as universal a theme as possible -- rather than the division into one more caste of the new ins and outs -- no matter how self-righteous the new insiders proclaim themselves to be

The decreasing participation and audience for such spectacles are the realization that the self-appointed "media people" are just the latest in the long line of “false gods” and idols we should ignore.


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