Monday, January 29, 2007

The Richest People in the World

The richest people in the world are not necessarily those with the most money -- but those with the most time, who spend it wisely. That’s why Hawaii should be one of the richest places in the world -- because of its native population which has many "retired," but also because it draws people on leisure from all over the world, which should be a source of the total intelligence, energy and resources that is the world we live in.

However, if one only values money as the only contribution the whole of the humanity and civilization can contribute to this economy, society, and their own personal lives, then the possibilities are distorted and limited by those considerations -- of how to get them to spend the maximum amount of dollars while they are here on vacation -- while hoping they will not stay as competing citizens for the quality of life that they help to fund, while regarding them to have nothing else of importance to contribute.

Of course that is the greatest waste of human resources that literally flows through Hawaii each day -- as well as devaluing that which is indigenous. It is a culture of waste -- and not valuing things properly, and even in fact, to value that which is bad, over that which is good -- because that which is bad, creates problems -- and problems mean jobs, and jobs mean money -- which is the end in itself, regardless of the actual quality of our existences and experiences.

Some perceptive people even remark, that the culture of, or at least what they see in government and other public forums, is complaining about everything wrong in Hawaii, before starting on their list of everything wrong in the world -- as their trademark pastime. Surely there must be a better way to spend one’s time of leisure and retirement -- which in the coming years, threatens to grow into an even greater overwhelming problem -- as the number of people complaining, far exceeds the number of people actually doing something about it.

The quality of life that many justifiably lament about is not mainly about not having "enough money" but having too much time -- that one doesn’t have anything productive to do with besides complaining., which of course is not only endless, but multiplies and exaggerates the difficulties. Thus, no matter how much we have, or how good is life, the perception is that, we never had it so bad, and that they look increasingly hopeless for the future, as far as the eye can see, if nothing changes -- and the bureaucrats regard it as their job, to ensure that nothing ever does, preserving that status quo, and creating more high-paying jobs, for our ever-escalating difficulties.

One of the curious things to hear, even from people who spend their entire day, lying in the shade or sun, is that they have “No time,” to do anything, because they have a busy schedule of lying in the shade or sun, to occupy them for the rest of the day, and their lives. That is the more obvious ones; less obvious are all the unnecessary things that people do that doesn’t allow them to do the ONLY necessary things that need to be done -- but don’t even have the time to consider, because they are TOO BUSY.

The richest people in the world -- are those who have the time to do ANYTHING. That is the treasure of life.


At January 29, 2007 7:11 AM, Blogger Mike Hu said...

I agree that the Mozilla Firefox browser is the best browser around -- unveiling information that I never suspected was there, and allowing a lot more input than many suspect are allowed.

Many browsers eliminate these options -- so that one doesn't even see them.

When I switched computers a few months back, I didn't have the MS Internet Explorer anymore, and was not satisfied with Safari and so when I went to find out what the problem was, I noticed that Firefox allowed most of the features, and particularly those used and needed by writers.

A lot of the browsers eliminate the spellcheckers -- as well as many of the formatting capabilities, so everything comes out as one huge run-on sentence that is impossible to read.

At January 30, 2007 5:26 AM, Blogger Mike Hu said...

That's usually the reason that forwarded emails and other text often are unreadable -- because instead of the "invisible" instructions about what to do with the words, the coded instructions are published instead -- or completely ignored.

At January 30, 2007 5:41 AM, Blogger Mike Hu said...

But getting back to my topic -- about the wealth of information, energy and resources -- which is the ultimate objective of why people want the money in the first place, the tradition is to resist new ideas and information rather than the tendency to embrace them, which would be much more productive in this age of pretty nearly constant new discoveries.

In the old days, these new ideas were usually filtered out as being "too good to be true," instead of as they are more likely to be now, "truly the incredible."

Not to be able to discriminate between the two, is the only dis-ability in society now.


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