Friday, August 17, 2007

“Island Insights”

Last night there was a presentation on PBS Channel 10, discussing the rail system the City Administration insists is the ONLY thing that can be "successful" -- because they’ve failed at everything else. That’s hardly a good recommendation and track record for being entrusted with $10 billion -- because their previous attempts to “do something,” resulted in ten people carpooling. Other than that, they have no previous success at doing anything else.

Usually, one entrusts more money to proven successful project managers -- rather than those with long, well-documented histories of futility and, as the university professor on transportation pointed out, lying as their only qualifications. They couldn’t make the BRT work, they couldn’t make carpooling work, they couldn’t increase mass transit use, they can't maintain existing roads, they create bike paths that end abruptly in hazardous traffic, etc. -- yet all of a sudden, if we give them enough money, they will be overnight successes.

I don’t think so -- but then I’m not the mayor.


At August 17, 2007 9:24 AM, Blogger Mike Hu said...

Government in Hawaii has a long history of recognizing that "success" eliminates their jobs rather than causing more jobs and funding -- which of course, is to lose sight of the purpose and meaning of government -- to solve the problems rather than create gravy "trains" for escalating out-of-control more problems.

It happens in every field of human enterprise when the people providing the expertise, also determine the demand for their services. So predictably, the health of individuals decline even as health care costs escalate out of control, education creates a demand for increasing and unlimited more education, capital projects create the opportunity to tear it down and begin all over again, in addition to chopping down trees that were previously planted, and of course, the cost of government and salaries should be "automatic," etc., etc., etc.


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