Sunday, September 02, 2007

The Fear of Change

The value of an education is our willingness and predisposition to recognize and embrace better ideas when we learn of them -- and not simply resisting and rejecting everything but what we learned as the only and absolute truth for all time. There is no inherent value in just accumulating information for its own sake that has no usefulness. That is the reason for being informed and educated, and not so one can use their knowledge to perpetuate their own and society’s ignorance and resistance to better ideas, as is the case we see so often as the popular notion (culture). That kind of education is worse than useless -- preventing us from learning anything that we don’t already know.

The measure of success is not how many letters one gets in a lifetime but what one actually does, with what they know and have -- which makes the biggest difference. People can have everything, and make it nothing and worthless. Others can have little, appreciate it greatly, and change the world. But knowing this difference rather than joining a crowd parading in public demanding infinitely more money (resources) exclusively for themselves, is the measure of every society and its socialization (education/indoctrination) system.

While many are called, few are chosen, or choose themselves to rise from these maddening mobs of unthinking conformity -- who show up at the appointed time and place to repeat mindlessly whatever their exploiters want them to -- as “their public service.” Little do they realize that they do the public a disservice by providing cover for those who believe that “democracy” is following the madness of the mob, rather than provide a forum for the free marketplace and exchange of ideas, goods and services that define every society and community.

Instead, their tactics are to suppress any alternative but their own -- while claiming “unfair” treatment if anything other than their own idea, good and service is proposed. Somewhere along the line in somebody’s captive class, these students got the notion that this kind of tyranny was democracy -- from a dictatorial instructor who didn’t know how to teach anything else, and didn’t want anybody to realize that.

So every year, tens of thousands of these indoctrinees are unloosed on the population as the next generation of duly and dutifully trained dupes who will remind thinking citizens that the tyranny of the classrooms are not left behind forever, but is one’s perpetual fate should one choose to challenge the existing status quo of believing that there are those who tell them what to do -- and those who should obey their directions until it is their time to oppress and suppress everybody else -- and that’s what they think a “democracy” is all about -- because that’s all they’ve ever been allowed to see and think that it is.

While anybody can call themselves a “democrat,” people who can tell this difference, call themselves “republicans.”


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