Saturday, September 08, 2007

Government and Culture in Hawaii

Politics in Hawaii is a very toxic environment that most people are corrupted by; the exception seems to be the Republicans -- who obviously are so few. It's not so important that they are the majority as much as it is that there is at least one of them at each level -- because it is the one of steadfast integrity who always makes the difference, and not the many who conform to whatever "correctness" somebody else tells them to follow.

Government and its institutions are no longer the primary driver of society and culture -- especially in the age of virtual communications. "Government" was the appropriate vehicle in its time -- so that the many voices that could not be present, were represented. In Hawaii, government is for the purpose that all the voices are not represented -- by only a few, which is an oligopoly, and rather than a true democracy being restored through the elections, which have become virtually impossible, other ways of governance (society and culture) manifest.

The most obvious of them is the Internet -- which supersedes everything else. The status quo of the old mass media, schools, universities, don't want us to know about that yet, and do their best to subvert and underrmine the evolving new society beyond its control. The old institutions were about maintaining control -- and government today still tries to do this despite the rapid pace of change and innovation. Thus government, is largely about controlling their own participants, most notably the (elected) government officials.

However, that which is easiest to report on (because they send out voluminous press releases and other self-promotion), is not necessarily the most significant things happening in society -- which as always, is the consciousness of the people -- just like your own awakening of your own possibilities. The media, schools, universities primarily exist to put and keep people in their place, especially in highly traditional societies that Hawaii is. That is the distinctive culture of Hawaii -- the worshiping of the past -- which of course prevents growth beyond.

We are captives of that culture as long as we believe we must be. One can simply choose to be otherwise, while living among those who do not choose their fate. We don't have to convert everybody else to our beliefs before we ourselves can live that way -- and that is the problem in our society. People are free to live in whichever way they choose for themselves -- but instead, they think their mission in life, is to convert everybody else first. And that's why there is no paradise.


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