Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A Better Life

Freedom in Hawaii –
is the right to vote every two years for the incumbent only.

“Otherwise, shut up and do and believe and do as we tell you.”

Uh, that’s not quite the way freedom works — and why your “Democratic” Party thinks it is not worth it to fight for.

Of course that kind of “freedom” is totally meaningless, and not worth paying five times as much for everything — as the “cost of paradise.” You know you’re in paradise when the best things in life are free — which used to be the attraction of life in the Islands, or anywhere people sought refuge from the rat race.

Now, the greatest rat race in the world IS the Islands, where people have to work 2-3 jobs just to rent an unlivable place. There are better bargains in the world.

It’s a bad time to be “trapped” in the Islands. As free people, they can exercise their freedom to move and live a better life — without the constant struggles, contentiousness and crime of Hawaii.

We’re way past trying to talk sense about it. Paradise Lost. But it always emerges somewhere else — and when the people can’t handle that success, they lose it.

And that’s why the world is, the way it is.

Most people can understand the first level of challenge, which is to overcome "failure," but the even greater challenge beyond, is the challenge of handling "success," which many fail at. Then, those who can not overcome that success, destroy that success so they can once again become successful -- at overcoming their initial failure, and in that way, many spend the rest of their lives in that cycle of perpetuating their problems, in order to be successful -- and thereby stunting their growth and ensuring move up to the next level.

That's what dysfunction is all about. People addicted to failure as the only way they can achieve success -- repeating their history as the only future possible. Meanwhile, the rest of life, progress and evolution, moves onward and upward.


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