Thursday, August 07, 2008


Both of the newspapers ought to start writing about people who have left the Islands for better opportunities -- and help people who are struggling without hope realize that they might stand a better chance elsewhere than remaining in the Islands.

Every US community allows that as an escape valve so that people realize they can research the entire market of communities and opportunities -- rather than in thinking that no matter how difficult and even miserable their lives might be in Hawaii, this is paradise and every place else is worse, and so don't even think about moving elsewhere.

So you have these desperate people out of their minds "going off" every now and then and everybody saying what a nice, exemplary person he was because he never complained or indicated anything was wrong.

People should remain in the Islands because that's where they really want to be, and not be brainwashed into thinking that is the only place they can be -- and so they are a captive audience for the perpetrators of such captive markets and populations -- who feel they have no choice but the terms dictated to them.

There are a lot of great places to live in the world.

It’s never been easier to “shop” the world -- because of the Internet, craigslist, Google. Forbes, Money, AOL, Newsweek are always providing these lists of the best place to move now. For a lot of people, that means finally living in the place where they really feel at home, welcome, wanted, rather than being told that they are just “guests” in their own homes, which can be confiscated momentarily by those who have the power to.

An increasingly, power has become very arbitrary, as recent misconduct and outrageous decisions should make clear that there is a pattern and not just random acts of stupidity. One can’t build a sense of security and confidence knowing that at any time, everything one has, can be taken by those who merely claim the right to.

That’s the importance of having laws -- and abiding by the letter and their spirit. If there is no good faith in the writing, interpretation and administration of those laws, then there is the rule/abuse of arbitrary power. Those with a real passion for freedom leave -- and are never heard from again because the powers that be in Hawaii, would like those remaining think those have been banished from paradise, or the garden of eden, life itself and largely live in tenements in the depths of purgatory, and harassed by gang members and lynch mobs daily -- when the reality is that by and large, most everyone who leaves, immediately and dramatically improves their quality of life and lowers their cost of living -- whether they’re Asian, white, black, Polynesian.

What’s important is what benefits each individual -- and not just the status quo of the present hierarchy.


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