Friday, September 05, 2008

Beyond Ideology (Partisanship)

Characteristic of those who have never done anything in their lives, are all the great things they would do if they had the power, opportunity and office to do so -- but not before.

The problem is not whether a person is conservative or liberal, left or right, black or white, male or female -- as it is whether they are hopelessly partisan (ideological) , which causes them not to see the obvious solutions because of their preconceived ideas of what those answers must be -- even if they don't in fact work, and are even proven failures. Among them famously, is the notion that reality must always be divided into two parts (at least), which in a certain political ideology, means dividing society into opposing classes -- an oppressing class, and an oppressed class -- and so it is all right to turn the tables against the oppressing class for all the imaginable and unimaginable horrors they have suffered -- or if they haven't personally, know somebody personally who did, or maybe read about it in a novel somewhere, sometime in their muddled memories, in which fiction blurs into reality all too easily but deliberately now.

And so as we ponder the choices to make in an election season, most people should consider this fact above all else -- whether their choices are likely to be increase partisan,ship (factionalism) or lessen it -- which implies fairness, and not merely, who gets to oppress the other.

As George Orwell was the most distinguished journalist to report, it's not an improvement when the pigs run the farm -- but just the same divisions that are the problems of every society, once they get on top.

So I think it is valid to review what people have actually done in their lives -- and do -- and not just all the glorious things they will do while attacking all who will not accede to their political correctness -- and think whatever ruthless, deceptive and manipulative means they use, are justified by the noble and glorious purposes they will serve when they are at the top.


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