Monday, September 08, 2008

Obama's Paradise

Hawaii has become so partisan that there is no hope for any truth, justice, fairness anymore.

When the big hurricane hits, it’ll be just another Haiti, or maybe southside of Chicago, Obama’s paradise, which as you may know, is the worst place in the United States — with lots of rail, no less.

I don’t know why that vision of America is being proffered as Heaven on Earth by the prophet Obama and the liberal Democrats over that of the Western frontier and lifestyle of greater freedom from government.

Delaware is not high on most lists of desirable places also, and Biden is right behind as the most partisan member of Congress, while McCain is notably the least partisan.

The choice is no longer being Republican or Democrat — but fanatically partisan or nonpartisan.

The solution for partisanship (sectarianism) is not bipartisanship (more partisanship), but nonpartisanship — which is seeing society as the whole that it is, rather than one partial view trying to impose itself on the whole, and every other.

It’s a sickness and the kind of thinking and mentality that is the violence in the world.


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