Friday, September 19, 2008

The Obvious Solution

There are two basic responses to human problems and difficulties:

The first is the basic, healthy response to solve, reduce or eliminate that problem, and eventually, even the memory that it ever was a problem.

The second is the unhealthy response of exploiting a problem for one’s own job security and profit -- and desiring the situation to continue and even grow more into a irresolvable crisis so that one can receive even more money from the impending catastrophes. Such people may talk of the need for change, but everything they do, seems to make matters worse, and cost more.

Teaching (and exercise) are no exceptions, and in fact, may be the most familiar examples in our daily lives -- when these practitioners think that the object of their jobs is to make things more difficult and endlessly so, for those who are hopelessly victimized and addicted to that which doesn’t work, but think that if they continue to do what they have been doing, one of these days, there will be a different result -- because their underlying world view, is that everything is random and unconnected to anything else.

All one needs is many opinions and testaments that what is false is true, and of course, in this day and age, one can even create multiple personalities (institutes) and aliases to bolster one’s viewpoint to seem like an army of consensus. But multiple personalities and the resulting schizophrenia and manic/depression were well-known even before the age of Internet anonymity exacerbated these tendencies for (self-) deception and manipulation.

Most people now are aware of that predisposition and likelihood for a small segment of society to behave in those well-worn antisocial and predatory ways -- which at least keeps many such individuals off the streets and having contact with others in real life -- where their delusions of grandeur can expand without the impediments and considerations of reality.

But for the former who are serious with meeting life and solving actual problems, the solution lies not in creating ever larger problems and crises, but to eliminate the possibilities and likelihood of there ever occurring in the first place.

One is no competent person, for solving all the problems they have created for themselves. They must see the world, without first creating the problem. Unfortunately, that is not how most people were conditioned (to function) in the last century and before -- and why many are so resistive to move into the really new world of simply healthy people living their lives in peace without creating the endless arguments, conflicts and struggles that torment such existences.


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