Tuesday, September 23, 2008

What In the World is Happening?

What the old media calls the "new media" is just the old media -- done with different (new) tools, and not a whole new way of seeing -- beyond their control and primacy of the status quo.

That is expressed in the very question of "How do we preserve journalism as a viable economic activity for a few?" -- instead of the much larger consideration, of making information accessible to everyone equally -- and not just through the tollways of the journalists (journalism), and the "information specialists" and public relations media manipulators.

That very manner of thinking, is the old media and old mentality -- that is subsumed and supplanted by much greater universal imperatives -- which is the quest for truth, and not simply replicating misinformation and disinformation so that people think they must be the truth. In fact, that possibility is seldom mentioned in the mass media, because they regard it as the enemy -- as ignorance used to be. But now the truth is the enemy, and the public relations specialists (propagandists) task, is to overcome that skepticism with outrageous claims and assertions that the journalists can't help repeating, and are even convinced, they thought of it themselves.

Similarly, in the medical professional, they ask "How can we make more money so we can continue to live the lifestyles we have been accustomed to at the top of the socio-economic pyramid?" Or teachers for that matter -- "How can we be above everyone else so we can continue the teaching profession?" "How can we manufacture ignorance?"

New culture is this leveling of many playing fields without primacy on maintaining the status quo.

In the new level playing fields, it doesn't mean that everybody then will be equal in talent and ability -- but real talent and ability emerges beyond the old status quo established in a more primitive time.

That's the real challenge of change, and not simply, "What can we do to preserve everything as they used to be?" -- as Change.


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