Sunday, September 28, 2008

What is the Great Danger in America?

What has to be regarded as the most disturbing trend and development in America -- is this intolerance for any other viewpoint but their own -- mostly coming from the totalitarian left. People on the right have their point of view and are proud of it -- but usually don't (en)force it on everybody else -- as the "politically correct" and self-righteous on the left (liberalism) thinks is their duty in life.

At first mainstream media encouraged it, led this movement, but as history has attested time and again, once the mobs are unleashed, they even attack their own, until none are safe, or spared.

I think it is great that you're still allowed your own opinions and thoughts without these constant threats and coercions -- to praise only the politically correct (liberal) people while vilifying all those with incorrect attitudes and thoughts, which are now not just limited to the "conservatives and right," but anything other than the pronouncements on high from the Daily Kos and Democratic Underground -- which are now their bibles.

Even on the reader blogs, they attempt to maintain their control over what can and can't be said -- with their ability to fabricate countless aliases to give the impression that they are "legion" rather than still the exceptions like the dysfunctionals and psychopathic that prey on all society to the extent that we think they are "everyone," and "everywhere." They just have nothing else to do -- and with today's technologies, can seem to be ubiquitous.

Fortunately, such people would be truly dangerous if they could write and speak -- instead of just shouting down those who can.

Their other famous and familiar tactic, is to demand that one cannot speak of anything they have not previously approved of, which of course, limits one to a smaller and smaller universe of possibilities all the time. If they can, they will even conduct such "inquisitions" as though they had the full bureaucratic authority to do so -- just as they ruled their fifth grade classrooms with such terror and authority, or demanded faithfulness and obedience from their wife and children under penalty of death and dismemberment, who grew up in fear of being wrong so much, they dared not question anything.

That is the new terrorism of these times -- always from within -- always quite proud of its self-righteousness and political correctness -- even if they have to wipe out the entire human population to enforce it, for God and His new messiah.


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