Wednesday, September 03, 2008

What Smart People Do

Smart people look for other signs of intelligent life -- greater than their own.

Not so smart people, consume all their time pronouncing themselves the smartest person in the land -- and therefore do nothing productive but to undermine the intelligence of everybody else, and in doing so, do not allow the collective intelligence of their community to "take off," such as their efforts go only to ensuring that they are kings of the hill, which may have been a model of society in a very primitive age and a few oppressive societies today.

In the 21st century world, people began to realize that the collective intelligence was a much greater wealth than any one individual could hope to possess -- except the old world paradigm of each competing against every other for exclusive primacy still lingered from the education many received in the early 20th century (and learned nothing beyond since) and a few institutions of higher learning still pass on as the academic tradition, heritage and paradigm of merely establishing a rigid pecking order and then ensuring that order (political correctness) is enforced -- ironically most ruthlessly by those nearest the bottom.

And so one sees these very oppressive societies and wonder why it is that the people most oppressed, seem to love their oppression the most -- without realizing that they've known nothing else, and don't realize what choices and freedom really mean -- except to agree with such tyrants and bullies or not.

Those are my first impressions watching the "panic" of the old world order (minds), on seeing the real possibility of a transformation to the new way of being -- in which self-appointed gods are not necessary to save them from their own choices.


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