Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Distortions of the Mass Media

John McCain and Sarah Palin have nothing to be ashamed of. They have both lived and conducted themselves with grace and honor -- all their lives.

That's what is really disturbing about this election and particularly the media's role in distorting real values with their bogus issues. There is no racism, no smears, "anger," hatred, no belittling, derision, fear or hate-mongering on their part -- as their anonymous, or nearly anonymous operatives have accused them of.

What is sad and shameful is the liberal presses abandoning all pretense of its "objectivity" and becoming full-out partisan -- and more extremist than the American public is. Rabid partisans account for a small percentage in America, and are not a majority -- either of the left or right. That is the distinctive makeup of the American society and culture.

Yet the press (demagogues) have been hellbent on making America sectarian -- like those wonderful despotic countries in the middle east, where one group is slaughtering off the other -- at every opportunity to do so. Their polls are skewed to show extreme partisanship as the dominant driver in American life.

The makeup of America is pretty nearly all-American, and not 50% Democrats, 40% Republicans, and 10% independents. Rather, its constitution is probably closer to 50% independents, 30% Republicans and 20% Democrats -- but that 20% being 90% in the media, schools and unions -- with greater access and control of mass audiences, and thus they have undue influence on what is thought and believed.

Republicans don't have that control of mass influence because that is not their style. They tend to relate to each to each other individually and authentically -- and why they don't spend all their time demagoguing in the usual mass media styles of manipulation, coercion, intimidation, and conformity (political correctness).

That is also the reason that the "old media" (forums) are losing its audience and influence, particularly among the most independent sector of the public -- which is resistant to mass media influences and allowing others to do their thinking for them. That is the valued sector of the public to reach -- because it is the most vital, dynamic, and of course, independent -- which is the new game in town.

It is not a development that needs to be lamented, but the passing of its time -- and the coming of age for a new America of free and independent people -- not defined and burdened by the labels, that make them prone to flattery, praise and self-righteousness, or criticism, judgment and rebuke.


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