Friday, October 03, 2008

The New is Really Something Different

People used to the old conditioning, see the new as the old -- rather than the new for the first time, and then get angrier when the new “fails” to live up to their expectations of the old. In most cases, that will far exceed the old capabilities, but those “conditioned” to the old, will find them “unsatisfactory” because they aren’t the old -- rather than a totally new ball game they now have to “learn.”

And “learning,” they were “taught” in schools, is the most traumatic, time-consuming, humiliating, and wasteful use of their time and energy -- unapologetically by bad teachers. The worst teachers of course, will not suspect that, but will think their pogroms for humiliation and control, are the state of the art in achieving the discipline they desire -- and that is the conditioning they teach, that will invariably fail all those they have contact and relationships with in their lives.

And so they will pronounce and reinforce, what a terrible place the world is -- full of arbitrary, vindictive, capricious people -- and will feel their great calling in life to propagate that message everywhere they can, as the liberal, socialsitic enlightenment. All that they can do is organize themselves in cliques of temporary expediency and mutual exploitation to do battle daily with those of other cliques -- they automatically presume must be their enemies.

In their old world view, it can never be suspected that mutual benefit is the goal and objective of fundamental human relationship and activities -- rather than the certainty that they must compete and vanquish every other (class) -- as the only way they’ve been taught life has ever been, is, and must be -- endless partisan divisions, struggles, conflicts and ultimately war with every other -- only now they will call their crusade and purification movement, “Peace” -- even if they have to resocialize and eliminate all those who do not conform to their new ideal of paradise.

But certainly, that will be the final and ultimate solution -- and nobody will be allowed to question it -- in their perfect world. They will drown out all other ideas, voices and ensure the correctness handed down by Big Brother dutifully -- as every correct-thinking person MUST

Welcome to 2008.


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