Monday, November 17, 2008

The Biggest Losers

Undoubtedly the big losers in the recent election, was not the Republican Party (who undoubtedly will resurrect themselves) or the citizens of the state even -- but the old mainstream (mass) media, which surrendered any claim to nonpartisanship and objectivity in their mad rush for the money. They couldn’t help themselves -- with the money ratios running 5 to 1 from the Democrats and their surrogates.

It finally came to that -- but at least the Republicans and the citizens are no longer disabused that the “press” is not just another self-interest organization bent on its own aggrandizement and power. At its height and heyday, they had us convinced that the First Amendment were exclusive rights granted to the press -- rather than to everyone equally.

As long as it took actual presses to be “the press,” most were excluded from their own representation -- but with the digital revolution, for the first time in an election, it became obvious that the press was merely just like anybody else, limited only by their ability to express themselves -- rather than their former ability to suppress all the other voices, and that became clear as the last hurrah for the old mainstream media -- to do one last time.

But as often is the case in history and progress, that last fleeting success, was the last of its kind -- leading to a quantum leap for another form taking shape and poised to takeoff -- off the hulking carcass of the old.

The old form had reached its ultimate triumph -- of virtual domination of their exclusive opinions and ideas -- to the exclusion of everything else that was now available, and would become manifest now that they had won their issue -- with no (pro)vision beyond that exercise of power. There was no beyond -- no second step, no larger goal or vision but a naked exercise of power just to show they were still in charge and could still determine any outcome

And so when it was over and their victory achieved, it was their own destruction -- that they had undermined and achieved.

That -- became apparent. It was probably due to an overreaction out of fear to a challenge they had never encountered before -- to the exclusivity of their authority, and so were ill-equipped and disposed to meet that challenge except in the most crude and insensitive of ways that was their undoing -- the nakedness, the brutality and the totalitarianism of their power -- that once resorted to, could not be controlled, and destroyed everything.

As long as they never fully resorted to their full power, they would never know how destructive it could be. And once they found out, it was over for them as well.


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