Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Is There Any Hope for Hawaii?

One looks at every election result in Hawaii, thinking it can’t get any worse -- but it does, and so eventually, the people have to pay the price of their bad choices -- and willingness to believe whatever an unscrupulous salesperson (politician) will sell them.

That is the price for living in paradise -- that every con-man in the world also wants to live there, and will do whatever they have to, to remain -- even long after their notions of paradise have been forgotten. They just believe then, that it is worse everywhere else -- or have convinced themselves of that.

Thus, life becomes this desperate struggle to get by -- long having lost one’s sense of pride, honor and dignity -- truly believing it is the only place in the world they can live, when really, there are many agreeable places to live in the world.

However, most have bought into the notion that this is truly and the only paradise on earth -- and worthy of paying three to six times as much to hold on to one’s substandard housing, and even homelessness, to remain.

At some point, one has to wonder, if it is truly the best there is, and could life be better (worse) somewhere else? While most are educated to love their hometown, nowhere else is there such an unquestioning and unquestionable loyalty that there can be nowhere else, and no better life than what one has presently, and must be maintained at all costs, because one has forgotten (denied) everything else.

The mere thought of improvement, is derided immediately as the arrogance of madness.

Is there no more beautiful and majestic place on earth? If one is limited to visiting Las Vegas for comparison, one thinks the rest of the world is truly inauthentic, and perilous -- with always the possibility of losing one’s entire lifetime accumulation of wealth, in one uncontrolled excursion of folly.

Thus, one learns not to have such desires, not to want anything better, but to be content with what one has, while paying three to six times what people elsewhere do -- and thinking one is the most blessed and happiest creatures to do so. That is the prison of paradise.


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