Tuesday, March 17, 2009

It's A Better Newspaper

The online newspaper is a far superior product to the old hardcopy product -- because it allows the interactivity of communication, rather than being one person imposing their reality on everybody else unilaterally. That is what the hardcopy newspaper inherently can't do -- which is a handicap in information gathering and processing.

One has to be able to interact with the information (source) in order to get the highest reliability -- otherwise one is limited to one person's perception (understanding) and interpretation of an event rather than the total perspective (possibility) of it. Journalists, or anyone of any training, has a biased perspective, because it is not the totality of what is going on but a preconceived idea of what is going on -- and their questioning and inquiry molds it to their expectation and the familiar.

The beauty of the interactive inquiry is nobody knows for sure 100% what is going on -- which is the journalistic presumption, but as people discuss the different possibilities (and some people obviously do it much better than others), many perspectives and solutions can emerge rather than the one usually offered by the AP. And that is more like life and reality -- that rather than anybody knowing, everybody is trying to find out.

That requires letting go of the old journalistic/editorial control -- which is usually what they are lamenting, that they are not the only game in town anymore and the only person who knows what they are doing. It's good to be the king, and not so good to be like everybody else. But even with that level playing field, one can still distinguish their ability to discuss and discover reality.

It's really more -- much, much more than the old static, one-way indoctrination model. Again, that's usually not brought out by the old media -- that the new media is the whole world of information, and not just the perpetuation of the old status quo of information control and management (suppression).

It got real bad in Hawaii so that the people couldn't hear the full range of the alternatives but were forced to rely on individuals (politicians) who limited them to what they could believe possible, and so the people made the same choices time and again, that are the problems of life in Hawaii.


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