Sunday, March 08, 2009

Doing the Wrong Thing

The culture and society of Hawaii has developed a very bad habit of doing only what they can get the money for doing -- instead of doing what really needs to be done, even if they have to raise and spend their own money. Not to have a greater guiding principle but to get money (at any cost), is really the ruin of every great individual and/or society.

And that’s why despite the crushing problems that plague the state -- like the homeless taking over and despoiling every part of the island now, government is powerless to do anything about it -- because it has lost its moral purpose for being and so are confused as to what really needs to be done to solve these problems -- because nobody is going to pay them to solve them. It’s money they are going to have to raise and pay for the solutions (and creating them themselves) -- rather than doing them because that’s what the money is for -- to solve somebody else’s problem.

Do you see the difference? Nobody will give you the money because you want to do what is best for YOU; they’re giving you the money to do what is best for THEM. They rightfully figure that if you want to do what is best for yourself, you’ll willingly pay for it yourself -- and would not expect for somebody else to pay for your own benefit and good.

They just figure human beings would never be so corrupted as just to do things ONLY because they can get the money doing that, while ignoring what they really have to do, because somebody else won’t pay them to take care of their own problems.

That is the major reason and justification for the Boat or Rail, and not because they make sense. That’s what the people of Hawaii are doing because they can get the money from the federal government to do it. They are incapable of turning down the “free” money, even if it actually costs them more, to get it -- while producing little of any good, and assuredly, doing a lot of bad, because it is ONLY for the money -- and nobody can understand anything else anymore.

That is what fifty years of statehood have taught Hawaii -- that to win in this world, you ONLY do things that get you the money -- and you wonder what happened to Hawaii of old? What do you expect happened to the Hawaii of old?


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