Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The New World Tyrants (Demagogues)

Unquestionably, today's rapidly evolving technology, has greatly empowered most lives, and certainly impacted everyone's. But any tool, no matter how powerful and useful, can also become one's (and society's) undoing if not used responsibly and wisely.

While the Internet and the many forums now make possible the publication of many more thoughts and expressions not heard before due to editorial space and attention limitations, in the hands of a few, whether properly designated and authorized to do so, can become the tyranny of unwanted and uninvited intrusions into the thinking and lives of a community, by the new tyrants and demagogues of our times, who think that First Amendment rights, is their entitlement to IMPOSE their thinking and opinions on everybody else, usually with whatever deceptions they can imagine and devise.

That is unfortunately what many of today's forums have devolved into -- where the petty tyrants of the world, get to tell everyone else, what to do, how to live their lives, and what they should unquestionably value -- as though they had a right and duty to do so. Often in their self-designed crusades, they think nothing of fabricating claims and assertions that they DEMAND must be subscribed to by everyone -- as the new rulers of the new world, just as they aspired unsuccessfully in the old world order.

But those realities really haven't changed that much. The petty gossips and tyrants of previous times can just seem more numerous if not ubiquitous because they are invariably a few or even one person, pretending to be the entirety of the whole world -- and speaking as such, even if they have to create all the parts, roles and aliases in the new elaborate "reality" shows of these times -- with themselves, in their real names, as the ONLY hero and person of value and distinction in the world, while disparaging and ridiculing all others, including and especially, those duly-certified to act so.

The First Amendment freedom of speech, is everyone's right to express their OWN thoughts and opinions -- and not as it has evolved to in some people's minds, only the right to hear only their opinions, and to shout down everybody else's. A minor variation, is grabbing the microphone and droning or ranting on endlessly as though that was the only reason everybody else showed up -- and that is what the present contest is all about.

Which is the reason nobody else will otherwise listen to them and associate with them, and so they spend ALL their time DEMANDING that everyone MUST.


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