Monday, November 09, 2009

The New Ali'i

Why shouldn't the ignorant, uncouth, unclean commoners of the state of Hawaii not feel privileged in supporting the new alii at the University of Hawaii so they can live in the privileged style of the educated entitled. The people should gladly (with the help of their elected representatives) tax themselves so they can be proud that their self-appointed elites can boast of parity with their peers at Harvard and Yale.

Just think of the shame if our educators are not valued at least as much as the football coach and governor. And how about those "retired" educators who sacrificed their lives by teaching for pracically nothing all those years? Certainly they deserve more pay and security than those actually performing those jobs presently.

What's this world coming to if the people at the bottom will no longer be willing to make the sacrifices so that those at the top can continue to remain at the top? What kind of chaos would result if the people are allowed to think for themselves?

That dynamic of expoitation of one self-appointed class (clique) over every other, is the primary conditioning and education in the state of Hawaii, which teaches people to accept their position in the status quo -- but never to question it, as would be the rightful task of those who self-create that democratic republic. But as we've learned in places like Iraq and Afghanistan, just pronouncing a people "free," is not enough to make them so. They have to feel truly free from the habits and tradition of servitude and being bullied by the more ruthless organized among them -- who actually reinforce that intimidation as their education to obey and never question authority -- by the simply authoritarian among us.

Politics and partisanship have become the new socially-approved oppression, no matter what one calls it. In fact dictators are found of calling their states, "free" and "democratic," because it appeals to that pride and vanity, that becomes the self-deception that one is in the powerful majority that can inflict whatever pain they want on any minority that will not comply. And so they suppress such truly democratic and egalitarian impulses -- as the new political and social incorrectness, that doesn't allow the inequalities and injustices of the past to continue.


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