Saturday, December 05, 2009

The Impossible Cost of Government

The fact of the matter is that EVERY government employee in EVERY state now makes more than the MEDIAN income -- so where does that leave the rest of us -- who they are calling rich?

Obviously, if ALL of the public service (unionized) workers are in the upper half of wage earners, who are these other rich people they are referring to as the ones they are asking to pass these measures largely to fund their own salary increases -- and virtually demanding that is the only thing everybody else has a right to spend their money on.

The government itself is responsible for ensuring the fair treatment of labor, and if they aren't going to do it, why should anybody else? So why should the public service employees be unionzed at all -- and now demanding that the rest of society has no right to organize to resist them?

Every time I read about these tactics and logic employed by the unions I'm not convinced that the public has no right to resist or spend their own money any way they want to.

"Government" has now become an ENTITLEMENT by public service workers with a prior claim before actual services to the public are even delivered -- and few in Hawaii can see the absurdity of teachers being paid to "prepare" to teach but not actually teaching. In fact, the preponderance of the money goes to nonteaching positions and the supporting administrative overhead, which is not even required to account for any of these monies even.

And that is why there is no government services and problems languish and get worse save but for the grace of good weather. But sewers are not supposed to explode when people flush the toilets and then flow into the Ala Wai to create another ecological calamity that in a previous time, could easily be washed away by the great natural forces.

And that is the real crisis that a government culture of not doing anything but to create high-paying jobs for themselves can no longer be sustained as the benefits shrink to zero while the costs multiply. That's why the real problems merely multiply out of control -- as though there weren't any government entity at all except to rationalize problems, yet demanding eve more in taxes to fund higher salaries for people whose job now is to lobby for higher wages -- while doing less, if anything.

And then they become infuriated, outraged and insulted when they are asked to actually do these jobs they are paid so exorbitantly for.


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