Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Is There a Solution to the Problems of Hawaii?

Of course there are solutions to every problem but always, they require changes and adaptations until they are no longer problems -- but simply hoping things were different while continuing with all the ways that are creating (causing) these problems are not going to work.

Chief among them is the Island mentality of people thinking they can get something for nothing rather than determining "fair exchange," and that everybody else exists just to be exploited and manipulated by themselves.

And so these problems multiply wildly and hopelessly out of control -- from homelessness to rat infestations to the suicides of caregivers. They're all the same problem of everybody trying to get over everybody else -- and not many unrelated problems that we read in the news, as though each is totally unconnected to one another.

In fact, the very solution is the realization that every action is totally related and connected to every other. If one demands more than their fair share, others will suffer. As long as each individual or group places their own demands above that of the common good, the undermining and eventual destruction of all, is virtually assured.

But once the common good is assured for all, surpluses and prosperity become possible, but very few think in this way. Always, their concern is only for their own benefit or their own group's first and not the whole -- and that is the continuing and endless source of all the problems in Hawaii.


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