Wednesday, December 09, 2009

It's Very Simple and Obvious What is Wrong with Hawaii

It's everybody's responsibility, including unions. to provide for the common good -- first and foremost -- and then advance their own narrow self-interest, once that common good is ensured for all.

If anybody or any group places only their own interest over everybody else's, then you have the great problems in the world -- of one narrow self-interest eliminating all the others, or advancing their own interests above the common good.

That grave misunderstanding of human pupose is the cause of the great catastrophe that is present Hawaii society as well as places with these sectarian violence in which one group feels justified to advance their own interests above all the others as their highest imperative.

Obviously that is wrong, and until the unions and its constituents understand that basic principle of human decency and fairness, everything will continue to go wrong and the homeless will live on beachfront property, and the rats and vermin will defecate and unrinate on your food.

But who are "teaching" the people wrongly? And so the legacy of every generation is that things can only worse for the common good, because a few, think their highest purpose and calling, is to think that they should have everything, while everybody else has nothing -- and think that they are fair and decent human beings who are entitled to it. That's how societies do not work, and become extinct -- which is the way and wisdom of the world.