Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Terminator 2010: Revolt Against the Machine

You might not read about it in your newspapers, or hear about it on the broadcasts, but a funny thing happened on the way to the Senate, for a candidate that in any other time and circumstances, would have been coronated by the mainstream mass media, weeks before the election -- as they did in last year's presidential election.

What has happened since then that the lock the status quo politicians, technocrats and bureaucrats had thought they had consolidated, dissipated into Napolean's army retreating out of Russia?

It was a revolt against the party machine -- and that socioeconomic hierarchy they thought they had cemented with the election of the Ultimate Organization Man -- who owed his success not to his own merits, but the power of the old status quo machinery to determine what people thought and did. In that sense, it was the first election of the second decade of the new millennium -- when humankind fought back against the ever-increasing domination of life by the social organizational machinery designed by the technocrats to keep themselves perenially at the top -- which includes the university professors, school teachers, government bureaucrats in every walk and reach of life., when the question was asked, "How can you people get along without us (the politically correct) telling you what to do and think?"

It really signals a great awakening that maybe people don't need increasing government to run and live their lives -- and that is something, most people can better do for themselves -- if they simply are given all the information -- and not just the information determined by the public information officers and ministries lobbying for their own greater job security.

That is a direct consequence of the Information Revolution and the Age of Information -- that people come to feel confident they can make those decisions for themselves, instead of always being told what to think and do, by those who self-proclaim and designate themselves to know what is best for everyone else.

That was the Revolt Against the Machine as the year unfolded in 2010.


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