Sunday, January 03, 2010

Why You Should Grow Your Own Food

Prior to the Industrial Revolution, there wasn't one million people concentrated anywhere -- even New York, Tokyo, London.

Supporting a large population requires advanced technology -- to remove waste, for one thing -- which modern day Hawaii still hasn't figured out.

The major rationale for everybody to raise their own vegetable patch -- including turning their yards into gardens for that purpose, is that people in Hawaii have lost touch with reality and thus make the most absurd BS statements thinking they'll never be called to account -- that there was this marvelous mythical Hawaiian culture thriving in the Pacific -- that has left no traces of any enduring infrastructure -- like the aqueducts of Rome, pyramids of the Aztecs, cathedrals of Paris, Great Walls of China, etc. Their closest cousins, the inhabitants of Easter Island, have vanished from the planet, with no traces of their existence, except for identical large stone images that athropologists are at a loss to determine for what significance and purpose.

The soil in Hawaii is barren in most of the Islands because people don't know how to compost and nurture anything -- and the people think the only thing they can do is sign wave their legislators for more money -- as the only thing they can do -- which is to manipulate other people's thinking.

Thus, they need the actual experience of producing something tangible instead of BS -- which when they are caught at it, humiliates them in the company of thoughtful people.

I doubt that most people will be able to produce their own food for complete self-sufficiency-- but they learn to reconnect with the basics, of caring and nurturing something -- instead of relying on their congresspeople to "Give them more money."

Hawaii has no industry or productivity -- which has even become a bad word to the many bureaucrats and union people who insist that there is no such thing as productivity and merit -- and all that there is, is the ass-kissing and overconsumption without consequences.

It's a tribal, pre-industrial mentality -- that can't support a large population without breeding rats faster than people and homelessness. What do you do with the problems of crowding? Today there are high rises, which is something different from a million in grass shacks -- with no sewage system.

A productive society is what an education system should be producing -- instead of countless drones who think they should demand something for nothing, and are totally reliant on the productivity elsewhere.

People living in sophisticated, urban areas have also gone back to vegetable gardening as a first step to reconnecting with the basics of life. And that's the most important thing to get out of that cultivation and activity -- that relationship with cause and effect, industry and productivity -- and not just simply, who can eat the most plate lunches and get away with the greatest BS.

It is relearning the joy of doing something, and the lessons of productivity and personal responsibility instead of just going to the motions without any consequences, of making a real, tangible difference.

You're not learning the great lessons of life in the schools. You can't get something for nothing -- only demanding, and never supplying -- learning to go through the motions and look busy, as the only jobs they'll know.


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