Friday, November 19, 2010

Got It Backwards

Hawaii's problem is not the lack of money (by the elderly), but the lack of productivity (by everyone) -- which is further exacerbated by the union (government) workers wanting evermore money for less work, or no (in the case of pensions) work at all. So there is plenty of money chasing few goods and services -- like the "Graying of Hawaii" articles pointing out that the cost of care facilities being so exorbitant so that few people can afford them.

Presumably, that's because the nurses are making $100,000 a year and demanding more, because the doctors are making $250,000, etc. -- but there is nothing to buy but imported Mercedes Benzes, rail systems, real estate, and vacations off island -- where they can get value and the money goes far.

Meanwhile, back in the islands, the unions, politicians and institutions demand ever more money for doing even less -- which creates the untenable situation/competition of who can do the least, or nothing, for the most money -- which is the well-recognized Island mentality, the ultimate representation being the words of its venerable representatives to congress, claiming they can get even more than their fair share, etc.

And so industry, agriculture, innovation and invention, have disappeared, and is not supported, but endless waste (and fraud) is.

Naturally, that impacts a whole healthy outlook on life -- which is actually the usefulness and productivity, and not simply the preoccupation with gaining more money and compensation for doing nothing (the sacred mantra of something for nothing). That is ultimately reflected in the individual lives of becoming more useless and dependent as a cultural ideal, rather than the more healthy one of creating value from almost nothing. They've got it backwards, "island style."


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