Tuesday, November 16, 2010

"We've Always Done It Before"

Life is very hard, cruel and unjust in Hawaii -- because the people make it so, and their institutions rationalize and justify those injustices as how things ought to be.

The kids learn this early on in life when their teachers stand around and let a kid get beat up to "teach them a lesson" of how their future will be if they don't go along to get along.

Ultimately these people do get their own justice served back to them -- when they themselves become weak, vulnerable and isolated.

It's a cultural thing and not the way life has to be -- unless people allow it to be, which is the injustice, tyranny and violence anywhere, at any time.

Obviously in their responses, the union perpetrators (and supporters) know exactly what they're doing.

When Hawaii's institutions support and look away from these abuses and callousness, it is no wonder we so often read these stories from Hawaii, of people going after their "loved ones" with baseball bats, destroying everyone around them until finally put down themselves, and sadly remarking, "So typical, and so sad of life in Hawaii, and the misery and pain the people inflict on one another."

Because they've always done it that way before.



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