Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Restoration of the Hawaiian Monarchy (It's Not What You Had in Mind)

It's a good time for all those teachers (government workers) who have been "sacrificing" themselves for the keiki and everybody else -- to move on and grab those comparable worth jobs getting everything they truly deserve as...?

All government jobs were meant to be positions people served temporarily in and rotated among the full constituency -- as truly representative of that society, and not become personal fiefdoms and lifetime entitlements for those who always wish to be in charge at the top serving themselves --"for everybody else."

There should be term limits for all government workers -- as well as the politicians, otherwise we're right back where we started centuries ago, with the monarchies and empires.

Now Hawaii has gotten their wish to restore the Hawaiian monarchy -- but it is not as they had in mind.

Long live King Abercrombie!

Sure, everybody wants more for themselves as their permanent lot in life -- living happily forever after, with no problems like everybody else (the less deserving), but life doesn't play out that way. Everybody will have to make a few changes and adjustments sometimes in their lives -- and the more often they've done it, the better they become at recreating and rejuvenating their lives.

A few get crushed and lose their way in life, and even their desire to continue, the first time they are faced with the "challenge of change," and just don't know how life is possible beyond the one way they thought and taught it would always be for themselves -- because it had always been that way before.

But time and life marches on, and one day they wake up and look in that full-length mirror, and realize they are not the person they thought they were -- and would always remain so, and that was the whole role and purpose of government -- to ensure them that permanence. But life also means death too -- and being reborn into an even greater life. That is the legacy of our culture -- that there is always life beyond, and a greater one for those who venture beyond to discover it -- even if they have to create it themselves, by pioneering it.

And that's where we are today -- like every other time in history with their unique challenges of their times. In the past century, it was often just surviving wars, persecutions and purges that took hundreds of millions of lives. Before that, one could add the perils of famines, diseases, natural calamities in addition to the manmade ones.

So we are living in extraordinary times -- like every other, and not that these are the worst of times -- like no other before. In fact, even at its worst, these are still the best of times -- but not to those who believed their niches in life were secure, inviolable and sacrosanct -- and now they have to adjust to a new reality, that others have confronted all along.

The natural consequence of mandated universal education is that eventually everybody is educated who wants to be, and those who don't or can't, won't be no matter how much money society and government throws at it -- because money is not the answer. It is the proper understanding of life that is -- and not just the perpetuation of the old ignorance masquerading as the knowledge we all need to subscribe to.

In that way, the time, energy and resources can be applied to the new challenges of the present times -- which are the problems of ensuring only the well-being of government workers rather than the public at large -- at every level.

Long live King Abercrombie!

(Sadly, the Honolulu-Star-Advertiser is still "editing, censoring, suppressing" Hawaii's most influential blogger, to ensure that the people continue to be kept in the dark (ages) in Hawaii.)


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