Saturday, July 23, 2011

Life is What You Make of It

Many people think they are entitled to live in Paradise as the new birthright of these times.

They should be rich, famous and successful because that is what every American (citizen) is now entitled to -- and not just an equal chance for it, like everybody else. No, now they demand the greatest of wealth, because that is what another (one) person has, and think that is possible, good and sustainable for everybody else also -- when assuredly, life doesn't work that way.

Just because one person is rich, famous or successful, doesn't mean that all will be rich, famous and successful, or what would that mean?

It certainly means that "envy," or covetousness has become the predominate theme of contemporary life -- that is destroying the possibility for happiness in life no matter how much wealth, fame and success one has -- because still, somebody else has more, just as a self-sustaining motive force in that society.

That is especially true in areas that attract the rich and famous -- because it becomes a corrupting influence to the indigenous population, who then demand that quantity of life -- as what they believe has been robbed from them, even if they never had it before. But they can easily be convinced that that is what they would have had, if somebody else didn't get it first -- what is rightfully theirs.

That is the present confusion and deception of these times -- that make it very difficult, if not impossible for anybody to see things very simply and clearly anymore -- about any one thing, let alone of the comprehensive whole.

The problem of these times is not that many live in real need -- but that everyone feels they do not have all that they want -- and those wants become insatiable, no matter how much they have. The argument now, is always that they don't have as much as they think the next guy is getting -- which they believe they should have, if any other (one) person has it -- while failing to recognize that that one person, created it for themselves, and they haven't. They just demand what another has -- because they think that is what they are entitled to, and not that one has to create that abundance and happiness for themselves.

That is what each person has to create for themselves -- and no government or society can do for everyone, which has always been the case. That's why lives and fates turn out differently, no matter how equally we try to make them. Even if we all started out with the same, in a matter of seconds, that would all change.

So the proper function of government is not to assure that all have exactly the same at all times, but that there is only equal chance for that realization for everyone -- or we have the injustice and further resentment, that abilities must be destroyed, in order to favor the disabilities -- and in that way, individuals and societies become less fit to meet the challenge of these and any times.

And that is what life is about.


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