Sunday, July 31, 2011

The New "Fat is Fit" Propaganda Campaign

Before the "Fat is fit" new propaganda campaign gets too far underway, most people's problem is not what they weigh, as it is that they don't know how to use their muscles to shape their fat to a pleasing shape, appearance and usefulness.

Almost all the athletes and particularly the bodybuilders, are overweight and obese by the "Body Mass Index (BMI)" assuming one should have no muscular development as the "ideal," which is like using runway models as the standard of how people should look and be -- which is hard and unhealthy even for those involved and self-selected in that profession.

But there are actually people who weigh 300 lbs who are very muscular -- in fact, many of the Mr. Olympias are normally that weight. The people who make up these arbitrary "indices," usually use some freakish population sample as the ideal -- like the Tour de France bicyclists, or the Olympic marathoners, who don't look like anybody else but their very freakish population sample.

But one notices, that the sprinters in bicycling and running have very different appearances from the ultra-distance marathoners, who are notable for their enlarged hearts in relationship to the development of any other musculature. Unfortunately, that is the ideal that has been selected instead of the more powerful sprinter/power athlete, who by the BMI, is overweight, if not obese because they have heavily developed musculature all over their bodies -- and not just the heart.

So weight is not the problem. It is the muscularity, and especially the conditioning of the muscles to shape the body into a more pleasing shape and appearance -- that has been entirely neglected as the major problem. Very few people are too muscular, or too well shaped -- at any weight. If they are, it's not a problem.

Most of the women bodybuilders, would also be classified as "overweight" or "obese," because they are muscular, when the arbitrary formulas, assumes that nobody should have any muscular body mass (and especially women) -- and presumes, that the only variable body mass is fat -- and not muscles, bones, or any other tissue, as well as the proportions. Gymnasts are gymnasts because most of their bodyweight (muscles), are disproportionately in their upper body (like monkeys), while runners are predictably disproportionately bottom heavy.

None of this is taken into account by those proposing these arbitrary indexes and ideals for what the average individual should be -- while the exceptional people, know they have to completely ignore those measurements that proclaim that their very existence is not possible.

But rather than proclaiming that there is no distinction between fat, muscle, and fit -- in the latest incarnation of political correctness (propaganda), there should be better discriminations of why they are different and how they matter.


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