Wednesday, July 13, 2011

What Compromise?

What kind of "compromise" is that? We'll pay for our health care if you give us the money (raise) to pay for it. How stupid do the unions think the the governor and the citizens of the state are?

The problem is that there is no unlimited money for the taxpayers to overpay government workers. All jobs are subject to fluctuating compensation and economic disruptions -- and not only being ratcheted upwards until the compensation far exceeds any real benefit in paying for them. That's how the unions killed all the industries -- and now they want to do it to the governments.

But the real purpose of having the government workers pay part of their medical costs is that if they don't, they have no interest in containing those costs and paying whatever the providers want them to -- which is going to be all the money they can get. And that is why the biggest problem of these times is the ever-escalating health care costs -- especially for government retirees, the elderly, and those who don't take care of their own health -- but expect that the health care system is responsible for making them healthy -- instead of themselves primarily.

Those costs are being borne by everybody else who have to pay at least partially and in many cases entirely for their own health care (insurance) -- in addition to paying for the Cadillac plans brokered by the government unions which have no cost-controls, and thus will remain the problem for the foreseeable future.

And that is why the people on welfare are the most obese and in poor health -- followed by our well-fed government workers gathering on the front steps of the capitol to protest they are not being paid enough to eat and so have to raid the welfare programs in addition to their government wages and benefits, which are overly generous already.

But the government reporter is usually spreading the union propaganda that they are the underprivileged and underserved -- when they are in fact the problem.


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