Monday, August 08, 2011

What Can the Teachers Do?

It is the American educators (and their unions) that have created the American education system.

The reason the responsibility for its failures falls mainly on their shoulders is that they have demanded more money and benefits for those results -- which are famously worse than the third-world and emerging countries paying much lower wages under substandard conditions, yet achieving much greater results.

The American education system is a world-class failure and has to be abandoned -- and in that void, successful education enterprises will arise -- as they've always done, under the most dire conditions. Obviously, throwing money at the present education system with the same people in charge, is not the solution but the problem. These educators have no business teaching -- and have to move on to those lucrative comparable worth jobs they have sacrificed themselves for the wrong calling in life.

We need to import these teachers who can produce amazing results under adverse conditions, and let these American educators do whatever it is they think they are the experts at -- and can be successful at, rather than doing the same things over and over and over again (which is to demand ever higher pay for obvious failures), and expecting a different (successful) result.

We need to start from scratch -- but we don't have to, because there are already countless successful private schools doing a better job with less, and we just need to replicate that model, while the government does what it can do successfully -- but not education which is their proven failure. We need to move on find some other jobs for these "teachers" to do.

Maybe something in recycling.


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