Sunday, September 18, 2011

For All the People -- Equally

The purpose of American government is to work to ensure the benefits and welfare for all the people equally -- and not just for themselves exclusively, which is the tone and tenor of government workers now. "We deserve it -- but nobody else does -- and we deserve it as lifetime permanent entitlements."

That was the reason for the American Revolution -- and the French, Russian, Chinese, etc. One group of people decided they should be the nobility (entitled) and privileged permanently -- over all the others.

Government work should be rotated as the right and responsibility among all the people -- and not just become the sinecures of a few self-designated for life -- which is primarily the unions doing, and where government went wrong in the great American experiment. Government is best when there is high turnover -- among the entire population, so that everyone is equally vested in those benefits and welfare of everyone equally -- instead of the mentality of government workers now that they are not like the workers at Walmart, McDonalds, the Star-Advertiser, etc. but are God's specially chosen few.

That is the mentality that has destroyed American society and government -- and has caused the doom of every society in which a few attempt to make that status quo permanent.

Teachers are teachers because they are first the discoverers of that truth -- and not just people who are the biggest, smartest person in the kindergarten classroom -- for life. True teachers are respected and valued because they do something other than teach; they have to first learn, and not only what their teachers teach them, etc., and that means learning how to think for and by themselves, instead of just sticking together and chanting what their union leaders tell them to chant.

And that's why government workers should leave government employment -- because those jobs (and benefits) do not belong to them personally, but to all the people -- for all the people, equally.


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