Thursday, September 29, 2011

"Let the people die!"

Beginning with their own HGEA members. If the people don't want to work and save themselves, let them all die -- or swim to the mainland where they can all get those high-paying jobs they think everybody on the mainland have.

Who do you think have made these jobs as nurses, teachers, bureaucrats so terrible and unfair? It is their own unions determining that those with more seniority have the right to exploit those with less seniority -- and get paid twice as much for doing the same work, but in fact, less or no work -- so the newcomers have to do twice as much for half as much.

That is all the union's' doing so they can point to the guy who has the least seniority and say, "Look how little she's getting -- only half the average pay -- and not the top pay they are getting elsewhere," as though the people will never see through the obvious half-truths, and the media will do their best, to fool the people -- as they've always done before because that's the way they (union) do things too.

That is the curse of Hawaii -- that all the people with any brains and cunning, use it to exploit the rest, instead of helping all the people -- and not just themselves, their union, their ohana. That's why Hawaii doesn't work anymore -- and all the money goes to pay people doing nothing, and there is just increasing hopelessness for all those who will not play along, go along to exploit the newcomers and now their own young, who have to flee for those better lives elsewhere, where the cost of living is a hlaf to a quarter of what it costs to live in "Paradise."

Never has it made more sense for the best and the brightest to leave for the better life people are creating for themselves elsewhere -- everywhere else in the world.

Behold the homeless and the future of Hawaii. It doesn't have to be that way -- and the only way the unions will force Hawaii to be. It's okay to leave that dying society behind -- and enjoy living in communities in which every faction is not trying to exploit all the others for their own, exclusive benefit -- just like in the old days. The rest of the world, have moved into the 21st century. Only Hawaii is living in the Dark Ages -- and have been brainwashed by their teachers, their government, their unions, into thinking that is the best of all possible worlds -- because assuredly, it isn't.


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