Monday, September 05, 2011

They Won't Be Able to Run A Rail System Either

Oahu has 900,000 people spread out over 600 sq. miles; San Francisco has 900,000 people in 49 sq. miles, which is 12 times more people in the same area, but it is surrounded by 12 times that number in the greater Bay area, which is the kind of population where successful heavy rail projects are typically built -- justifying the need for capital intensive infrastructure spread out among a much greater population and users.

You just can't build such a system with unlimited monies these days -- because there isn't unlimited free money to go around. Hawaii, like everywhere else now, has to resort to intelligent-intensive solutions -- and particularly the use of private initiatives and funding, as longterm viable and sustainable solutions.

The fact of the matter is that the rail is being built where people are not actually even living presently -- but in the hopes that they will move out there once a rail and other infrastructure is built -- in the hopes that Oahu (Hawaii) will continue to have the population growth rates it has experienced over the last 50 years, during which time, it has become one of the most prohibitively expensive places to live.

That's not going to attract retiring Baby Boomers from all over the country to move there to build up the local real estate to the stratospheric levels required to bail out the real estate speculators -- who feed into as well as promote this wishful thinking. Even if it did play out, then the increasing congestion and crowding would deter future additional movement there -- to be at the mercy of the monopolies (unions) of Hawaii, and arbitrariness of government bureaucrats further spending their monies.

Jobs have become so far removed from actual needs and solving any problems, that Hawaii's leaders think that just creating high-paying jobs is a solution in itself -- even if it solves no real problem, because they have become so detached to any such realities (requirements) that jobs are created to solve problems -- and not so every friend of the union and political leaders can have one.

There's just not enough unlimited free money to go around. Even ask your friend, Mr. Obama. It's already the end of the line, and the end of an era of unlimited government spending -- just because we can. Meanwhile, there are people living, urinating, defecating on the sidewalks, parks, beaches, public transportation shelters, outside the police stations, etc., and the public officials are powerless to do anything about it.

They won't be able to run a rail system either.


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