Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Cold (Backache) That Just Won't Go Away

Back in 2003, a Dr. St. Amand came to Hawaii and gave a presentation on his guaifenesin cure for fibromyalgia -- which I was interested in because I was familiar with guaifenesin, and thought it was a miraculous cure-all back in the mid-80s, and so I was not surprised of its curative effects -- although I had no idea what fibromyalgia was, other than some vague autoimmune disease.

So I learned about this disease and the doctor's explanation on how it "cured" fibromyalgia (FMS), but the major thing I came away with, was the doctor's assurance that guaifenesin could be taken daily, longterm with no known negative side-effects, yet plenty of well-known positive ones -- as most people have experienced taking Robitussin when they have a cold or flu, unlike the other cold remedies without it, or in addition to it.

Guaifenesin's chief property is that it thins the mucus in the lungs when one has a cold or flu (along with accompanying aches and pains), so that one can "expectorate" it out of the body. However, anything that thins the mucus in the lungs, would logically thin the mucus throughout the body, and not just in the lungs, just like aspirin doesn't just thin the blood going to the brain and heart, but thins the blood throughout the body.

As people get older, the fluids of the body tend to solidify, which is the reason daily aspirin is advised to prevent the thickening of the blood, while the other major fluid of the body (mucus), is not given similar attention unless one has acute condition of a cold, flu, bronchitis, back pain, joint pain, irritable bowel syndrome -- all the symptoms associated with FMS, including fibrofog, or fuzzy (confused) thinking.

I had often noted that when I took Robitussin, I felt very good -- but that was usually to specifically treat a cold, flu, or bronchitis that I had frequently, along with back pains -- and in fact, when I attended the doctor's lecture, my back pain had gotten so bad and persisted for so long, I thought I was on the verge of never walking again. But since the doctor said guaifenesin was such a miraculous cure for all those symptoms that I had but had never been diagnosed as FMS, I started taking guaifenesin daily since, and have never had any more colds, flu, back pain, etc., though they were a periodic, though constant plague all my life -- and getting to be a constant torment until then.

That was a major turning point in my life -- which is one of the underground pieces of information you sound like you might be very interested and motivated to know and act upon.

But the source of the autoimmune response (thickening of the mucus) is often ignored as something inconvenient, if not trivial -- such as mold, mildew, pollutants, germs, bacteria etc., rather than very real threats to one's health and well-being that can easily be addressed and eliminated by inexpensively available air purifiers -- primarily on the Internet, which ironically, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Consumer Reports have done their best to keep off the shelves of retailers -- in their confusion that possible (theoretical) risks, outweigh the well-known ones.

The hardest thing to see -- is the very air we breathe and live in. Or maybe we just don't want to see it.


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