Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Discrimination is NOT Prejudice (but actually its solution)

"Discrimination" is not always wrong -- but is in fact, the basis of intelligence and successful adaptation (living) in one's environment. Most discriminations, in fact, are not only "right," but necessary, if one is to make one's life better for oneself, as well as the community at large. That requires every member to think for themselves (as well as for others), by discriminating the appropriate responses -- rather than not thinking for oneself (or anyone else) because they have been educated that no discriminations should ever be made.

It is not that all discriminations should not be made -- but only that discriminations should not be based on prejudice of the wrong (invalid) things -- but urinating, defecating, camping and driving everybody away from the public spaces, is a valid reason for adopting rules (laws) against those who do such things -- instead of protesting against all the rich billionaires that Occupy Honolulu, as though there was equal danger and wrong.

The peculiarity of Hawaii, is that the people are educated and conditioned not to think for themselves, but merely to repeat what their "teachers" tell them to as the only truth possible -- regardless of whether individuals can discover better ways to do things, that actually solve and eliminate the problems -- rather than just repeating history, as the only way things can be done in the future (forever) -- as though that made it paradise, because the lawmakers guarantee, that things will never change.


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