Thursday, October 13, 2011

What's It All About?

These protesters are the 1% -- and not the 99% they claim to be -- of the country they think should be run for their exclusive benefit.

First of all, 99% of the people are not struggling to get by -- but the lowest 20% probably are. But that's not what this protest is about. It is about the upper 49% using the lower 50% to protect and even increase their "middle class" entitlements -- and conning the easily misled into believing that if they are allowed to tax the mythical rich, more money can go for government (union) workers pay increases and benefits -- and not really to the actual poor. That's why the unions let these "wannabes" do all the dirty work and stick out their necks and futures, while they show up at noon to claim credit that "their" movement and support is growing -- and they have no shame and compunction at doing so.

And now their so called movement, is spreading to the college campuses, where the students are going into horrendous debt because of the demands of their university professors and administrators to be paid as much as Warren Buffett -- as proof that Americans value education at any cost, and support these (upper) middle class bureaucrats in the luxury they think they should be accustomed to -- which the protesters can only dream about, and have no idea of their role and complicity in their own exploitation.


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