Monday, February 27, 2012

Fair Compensation for Public Service (Sector) Workers

Fair compensation for the public service (sector) workers should be the MEDIAN for all the private sector workers -- and not just the top 1% or even the top 10%, the unions select as their "peers."

If they were the top 1% or 10%, then they shouldn't be working in a government job, but should be creating new industries and jobs for many others, and not just (self-)promoting themselves themselves to the top 1% -- and then claiming they're underpaid -- and would have created Microsoft, Apple, Dell, Google, etc., if they hadn't sacrificed themselves to take a lower paying government job.

We need such people to leave the safety of guaranteed lifetime jobs at 2-3 times the median -- and double-dip at retirement, and create more jobs for everyone else, or if nothing else, be vested in increasing the median for all -- and not just themselves, as entirely self-serving government worker lobbyists.


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