Thursday, March 08, 2012

The Boat, The Rail, The Education

If the Hawaii Department of Education is substandard in every facet of the word, then obviously, more of the same at higher wages, pensions and benefits are not the answer -- but is the problem.

It is the kind of union teacher education that tells them what to think and chant (Hey, hey, Ho, ho, ...), and not how to think for themselves, that is the problem of "education" in Hawaii -- because it tells them that things are going splendidly, when sewage is breaking out all over the islands, and calling it "Paradise," so that real problems are never addressed, and keep compounding themselves while the people are in denial.

Look at the rail fiasco: the citizens are finally waking up to the reality that they were lied to, manipulated, bamboozled and reamed big time, and still they favor those who brought these calamities upon Hawaii, and want Mufi and Mazie to bring them more of the Boat, the Rail, the Education of Hawaii -- as though that was the salvation for anything in Hawaii. That is the problem -- More of the Same.

You need something different to change the sad story that has become "Hawaii." Especially The Education.


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