Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The New Age of Independence

The major difference between people these days, is the extent to which they can, and do live lives independently and self-sufficiently -- while also realizing their connectedness to all of reality and others. But that recognition doesn't mean they have to be dependent on others to an increasing degree until they are totally helpless -- when there is much that they can and should do for themselves, in order to maintain their health, viability as self-sufficient individuals, and to actualize the meaning and purpose of their own lives -- apart from the purposes of others to dictate what that should be for their own ends.

Such new age individuals, are those who grow comfortable with the idea of learning and thinking for themselves, as opposed to being the pawns of somebody else's programs. There's always been that 5% of the population so constitutionally different from the average -- in every field of life and activities -- that they are notable in these proclivities through a combination of birth and subsequent nurturing, that provides the leadership for the greater population in that aspect. But there is also the other 5% on the opposite end of the spectrum, that indicates the diametrical opposite -- in this case, that a significant number of the population, becomes entirely dependent on the rest of society and its resources -- just to keep them breathing and alive, at a prohibitive cost! -- that could be an entire subsistence for villages and society on the brink, with greater chances of survival, and a future beyond an eternal, persistent vegetative state.

At some point, society has to debate what are the cut-off points for which no further extraordinary efforts can be devoted to lives with no or little hope for recovery, rehabilitation and resuscitation. It is just as unconscionable to keep those alive who will never know the difference -- and so one of the distinguishing qualities one should look for in determining the quality of their own lives, is whether one can tell this difference -- and how does one indicate it, and not just have a board of self-designated/appointed experts, make that call for everybody else.

I'm inclined to believe that is the wave of the future -- and not a return to the previous generation of mass society with their mass media indoctrination (education) programs -- as what everybody should know and think, as though the self-appointed few, knew better what that should be for everybody else -- and that includes the government bureaucrats of every stripe, the doctors, lawyers, and self-appointed directors of the public good, as though nobody knew any better than what they know. And what they know, is what has been taught for centuries now, if not millennia and for all time, as the ultimate truth, that they have now inherited the responsibility for perpetuating, propagating and defending -- as the meaning, purpose, and status of their lives. Or so they have been convinced.

On the other end of that spectrum, have been the 5% who are congenitally predisposed, to look for other ways -- as the evolutionary genius of every species for survival, even in a worst case scenario that decimates the other 95% who perished running headlong over the cliff -- in their reflexive instinct to be first. In such a manner, the last often becomes the first -- for those who are merely thoughtful and observant.

So the quality of life question, is clearly whether one is becoming more independent, or more dependent, in the choices, actions and decisions they make -- as the measure of their health and prosperity, and not just at the expense of it.


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