Thursday, April 12, 2012

What Are they "Experienced" At?

If one is very "experienced," but in all the wrong things -- or way the government is headed, then that is no asset, but in fact, the greatest liability, because that's the only thing one knows and thinks they can be.

Hawaii's problem is the bureaucratic/consensus perspective -- rather than the creative/entrepreneurial one of people who don't know any better that that's the way things have to be -- forevermore. We don't "need" any more lifelong bureaucratic perspective of continuing what we've always done before -- which is to maintain the status quo of giving the government workers, and particularly the schools and school teachers, more money to do less work (smaller classes).

We're quickly reaching the tipping point where so much money is being paid for government worker wages, benefits, pensions and nonworking compensation, that no money is "left over," to actually provide government services anymore -- and to meet the challenges of the future rather than to continue the problems of the past for permanent job security -- for those originally hired to eliminate the problem.

The schools particularly, are a good example of a function that should move increasingly online -- when then, the students have contact and exposure to the original discoverers and inventors of new ideas, and not just ideas passed on to the fifth level of people who have never had an original idea -- but who think they can teach that process. One learns art from an artist -- and not a government bureaucrat who can tell one all the reasons it is dangerous to paint or dance.

So let us be very clear about what it is important to be "experienced" and a "leader" at or we will end up with a whole legislature of people who are experienced at maintaining the present litany of problems -- for their own lifelong job security, by which they become, even more experienced. We need people as leaders who can discover new ways of doing things -- as the way we want to be. There's a reason the old ways are failing. That is the problem and not the solution -- obviously.


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