Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Difference Between the Two Parties?

It's accurate to say that the Democratic Party has become the party promoting the conformity to the "political correctness" they feel entitled and qualified to dictate -- largely because of their "liberal arts" education -- which since their inception in the Dark Ages, has been about preserving and enforcing the authoritarianism of the totalitarian establishment -- which used to be the Church, but now are largely the schools of indoctrination (compulsory education).

Presently, it is themselves as those who have claimed government as their exclusive lifetime sinecures -- only defending their own entitlements to maintain their positions all their lives -- with the duty and responsibility of everyone else, just to fulfill their demands of "support" -- just like in the olden times.

The Republicans on the other hand, have remained the Party of nonconformist, independent thinkers -- that range across the total spectrum and range of persuasions, beliefs, and ideologies -- not conforming to what the mainstream mass media would have us believe we all should think and be.

That is the current great divide in the country -- the conformists and the nonconformists, which includes anybody who doesn't chant what their union stewards tell them to chant, as they do all the thinking for everybody else, and want only to be repeated, what they've previously determined is right for everybody else -- for the maintenance of their exclusive benefit.

But more and more people are deciding -- they can think for themselves, and it is no longer necessary for the political establishment to do all their thinking and talking for them -- as "all the news fit to print," and insisting there is nothing beyond that but sheer folly to question and inquire.


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