Friday, June 08, 2012

The Crimes of Laura Thielen

Laura Thielen's crimes are that she is an intelligent, competent, articulate, and independent-thinking person in Hawaii -- which is the greatest crime in Hawaii, and all those claiming to be "Democrats," must let the Democratic Party and union leaders do all their thinking and talking for them -- without exception or even the thought of it.

That is unfortunately the curse of Hawaii -- by which the schools and all the institutions of Hawaii, including and especially the press, produce human beings that turn into these monstrous and hideous worm-like beings that do nothing but eat, consume and max out their Cadillac health care plans and "assistance" -- as their distinctive way of life.

As such, she's not a true "representative" of the Democratic Party -- which demands that everybody get in line and stay in their place until their top leader dies and everybody then can move up one spot -- just like in the good old feudal days and rigid hierarchies that they are trying to maintain for all eternity as "Paradise."

I don't think there is any hope for Hawaii -- and Hawaiian to be anything other than the last outpost of serfs -- for the few trying to preserve authoritarian and totalitarian government in the world of increasing freedoms, choices, and independence.  But that doesn't make anyone a bad person who should be exiled from the Islands and participation at the leading edge of thought -- as must be the fate of the best and the brightest to be throw into the volcanoes, so the fat can get fatter, and have no competition for everything -- just as it always has been.

That is Paradise.


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