Monday, June 18, 2012

The Truth of "Education"

All one needs is a very basic education to learn whatever else they need -- and not the whole "liberal arts" programming of the past -- to be viable in life.

Most people will do fine with just arithmetic to solve most of the problems they will encounter -- rather than needing algebra, geometry, trigonometry and latin.  Learning that, only allows them to solve algebra, geometry, trigonometry and latin problems, and not the real life ones that people have no idea how to solve because their education only teaches them to solve "education" (academic) problems.
The best way to learn to read and write, is to get on the Internet forums and read and write -- for the express purpose of communicating with another -- and not all that academic prose to "impress one's peers and colleagues" -- that one is an "educated" person, or even more unproductively, that one is the "most educated" person -- which is probably the greatest waste of human time and energy.

And rather than pimping for the educational-industrial complex that theirs is the only way to learn -- millions of people everyday, get up and learn on their own, the vast majority of what they know -- including the Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Thomas Sowells,  Edisons of the world -- because there is nobody to teach them what they want to know.  And that is the real education -- and not just arbitrarily, what the liberal educators think is so important for everybody else to know -- which  is only what they know, or think everybody else should.

We live in a world now in which infants are learning at one -- how to operate an iPad, and eventually learn to do what nobody else can even imagine thinking possible -- and really what is most cost-effective in education is teaching those basics, and not more advanced specialized knowledge that have little value and reality beyond the classrooms -- as the traditional curriculum everybody still needs to learn before they can move on.


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