Sunday, July 15, 2012

Adding Rocket Fuel to the Fire

"In fact, insurance costs have been skyrocketing for decades."

The basic injustice of the Obama insurance plan is that some people will pay for the Cadillac insurance plans of those who aren't paying for it at all -- but are being paid for by the taxpayers, who don't have those plans for themselves.  So in effect, they are paying twice -- for those not paying anything but getting Cadillac health coverage -- while those who actually pay their own way, have to take high deductibles to lower their fixed cost -- which is the major reason most people don't buy health insurance.

They are usually the healthiest segment of the population, who never or infrequently get sick, so that it makes sense to pay their medical expenses only if they actually occur, rather than the $1,000 a month the health plans want because now they have to.  This is the substantial portion of the population frequently ignored by the arguments that people without health insurance are invariably the sickest.  Those latter people are already riding free -- or on the union Cadillac health plans which they also can collect "sick pay" for going to the doctor, for every reason possible -- because they "max out" their health and sick benefits.

Of course such people are not vested in their own better health -- because it pays so much better to be paid to be "sick," and not have to go to "work."

So it is not like everybody has to pay -- because those with Cadillac (union) health plans don't, while the small business man, now has to scramble for that cash flow that maintains his business -- while he can't afford to be sick.

Of course people with the Cadillac (union) health plans aren't interested in the single-payer system, because that means their members would have to pay their own fair share -- rather than have that as an advantage, over those not so privileged -- while claiming entitlement as a member of the 99% from the mythical 1% who should be paying for everybody.

But that's just the propaganda.


At September 13, 2012 7:22 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

This is the significant part of the inhabitants frequently ignored by the justifications that people without health insurance coverage are usually the sickest.

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